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so this weekend was amazing, without a doubt.

take one: written documents
- rocky votolato in cyrpress at bionic records with jeff for FREE.
- senor taco best mexican food in town afterwards
- driving to crazy parts of la to meet up with the burbank boys.
- goto the show there at a church. it was way weird.
- christian tuff guy hardcore bands.
- peter picked me up on the brakedowns and i kicked everyone, we played pit boss! hahaha
- no one was into bleeding kansas except all of us who came with them.
- bobs big boy afterwards, on the way getting stuck in traffic on the 5.
- after bobs, smoke out at the new olsen bro's place.
- jeff was soooo faded. haha he couldnt even open his eyes.
- everyone feel asleep watching "Pink Floyd's The Wall"
- dropped off frances at 6 in the morning with jeff.
- went back and slept. then woke up at 10.
- breakfest with jeff, mike, sara, and eventually steve at this place called....
- recorded gang vocals for the new tobias recording
- then everyone went to backside to see rocky votolato again for FREE.
- jeff bought me a shirt. then we all went to fat burger.
- then came home. the end

take two:the real stuff

rocky votolato at bionics in cypress

rocky votolato at backside in burbank

the show...oh no!

daniel and tracy

peterxhardcore and shadow puppets

steve,peter,me bring the mosh! and peterxhardcore again.

bleeding kansas and crowd

bk and crowd

bk and crowd

bk and crowd

bk and me given dave metal fingers!



crowd and bk


bk and tracy

steve and jake

steve's wrestling exit, and dave's red light gun?

wird/crazy/big fan kid playing with fire and peter.

me doing random shit while tracy took pictures.

ben with his lady! oh shit!

mia with tracy and peter

steve hunging tracy, and daniel

daniel's crazy new icon, and the stage with the back wall!

stuck on the 5 on the way to bobs big boy with jeff and mike

i posted this last night. but when i woke up this morning my picture hosting site ban me.
so i had to get a new one and redo the post. xo david
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