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good fucking times!

yesterday/last night rocked!
jansens party

jansen's party:

thats all of the party at jansens.

then we all went to the bleeding kansas show.

bleeding kansas: everyone got into it. my neck is sore from headbanging. you can see all of us dancing/headbanging along.

the great redneck hope: so rocking, sounded kinda like daughters.
awesome guys.(some pictures didnt come out to well)

fed by fiction: very fun stuff good people for sure! (some of these pictures didnt come out to well, also)

random shots at the show:
bens bloody finger

mike being amazing

thats all from the show.

after the show, we went to freebirds.
then we had our dance party at chandlers!

dance party:

random ones from chandlers apartment:

well thats everything. about 100 pictures. amazing day/night.
i love all my friends.xo
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