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[2 03 04, 02:04p]
this journal is dead, go do something with your lifes.
like clicking on this link and reading the horse interview!
horse the band interview!
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[1 29 04, 10:50a]
[ mood | accomplished ]

the journey has been long and full of memories.
i am sad to see this go, but radio_takeover has reached its end.
...the buildings they are sleeping now. xo

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but each night, i bury my love around you... [1 28 04, 03:40a]
today was beautiful.
i was cleaning my room all afternoon/night.
it's always a fun experince. found alot of everything.
rocked my pjs all day. its a comfortable feeling.
finished homework for the week last night. im awesome.
i had a little photo shoot tonight... with my bed head.

one...two...three...do meCollapse )
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[1 26 04, 06:07p]
so this weekend was amazing, without a doubt.

take one: written documents
- rocky votolato in cyrpress at bionic records with jeff for FREE.
- senor taco best mexican food in town afterwards
- driving to crazy parts of la to meet up with the burbank boys.
- goto the show there at a church. it was way weird.
- christian tuff guy hardcore bands.
- peter picked me up on the brakedowns and i kicked everyone, we played pit boss! hahaha
- no one was into bleeding kansas except all of us who came with them.
- bobs big boy afterwards, on the way getting stuck in traffic on the 5.
- after bobs, smoke out at the new olsen bro's place.
- jeff was soooo faded. haha he couldnt even open his eyes.
- everyone feel asleep watching "Pink Floyd's The Wall"
- dropped off frances at 6 in the morning with jeff.
- went back and slept. then woke up at 10.
- breakfest with jeff, mike, sara, and eventually steve at this place called....
- recorded gang vocals for the new tobias recording
- then everyone went to backside to see rocky votolato again for FREE.
- jeff bought me a shirt. then we all went to fat burger.
- then came home. the end

take two:the real stuff

+2893456234952834658349255628345623498569Collapse )
i posted this last night. but when i woke up this morning my picture hosting site ban me.
so i had to get a new one and redo the post. xo david
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LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL! [1 19 04, 03:09a]
so me and sara's birthday party was awesome!
all the bands played amazingly, and the cops didnt come.
thanks to all who came out, it was a blast.
so many pictures, look you'll be entertained.
(you can see me and dave hall crowd surfing during bleeding kansas)
so, i guess its picture time!
view album full of birthday party pictures here

well the picture hosting site i use wont let me link my pictures for the rest of the month.
yet, you can click the link above and view the album they are all in. sorry.xo david
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[1 17 04, 03:32a]


ps- tonight was amazing. more to come later

pss- oh and for all you who missed out,
you missed me and dave hall crowd surfing to bleeding kansas!

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[1 16 04, 02:00p]
this seems interesting...
What song, if any, reminds you of me?

(Put this in your journal too. The answers might surprise you.)
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[1 15 04, 06:45p]
i just found out majority rule MIGHT be braking up.
im soo bummed

here is what the girl from virgina told me:
"that band i told u about jefferson plane crash(my friends band) well on the 6th of feb they got a show wil majority rule, pig destroyer, body farm and carrion.."
"majority rules is breakin up its gonna be one of their last shows"
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[1 15 04, 03:14p]

i got bored again! look what happened this time!xo david

ps- the new get up kids album is amazing
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good fucking times! [1 11 04, 07:58p]
yesterday/last night rocked!
jansens party

evidence:take 1Collapse )

then we all went to the bleeding kansas show.

evidence:take 2Collapse )

after the show, we went to freebirds.
then we had our dance party at chandlers!

evidence:take 3Collapse )
i love all my friends.xo
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CHRISTMAS/BIRTHDAY LIST!!!! [12 11 03, 10:17a]
David's Christmas/Birthday List

Vanilla Sky
28 Days Later
Fight Club (special edition)
High Fidelity
Chasing Amy
Pirates of the Caribbean
Harry Potter (first and second)
Donnie Darko
U2 Best of 1980 - 1990
U2 Elevation 2001 - Live in Boston
Bowling For Columbine
Finding Nemo
The Goonies
Tenacious D Dvd
Family Guy (all seasons)
Band of Brothers
Jackass (all seasons)
Converge Dvd

Majority Rule "Emergency Numbers"
Refused "The Shape of Punk to Come"
Sigur Ros "Untitled #1 (a.k.a. vaka)ep (includes second disc dvd)"
Rocky Votolato "Suicide Medicine"
The Fire Theft "The Fire Theft"
Sunny Day Real Estate "Lp2 (the pink one)"
Minus the Bear "Highly Refined Pirates"
Damien Rice "O"
Godspeed You Black Emperor "Life Your Skinny Fist Like Antennas to Heaven"
City of Caterpillar "City of Caterpillar"
American Football "American Football"
Engine Down "To Bury Within the Sound"
Denali "Denali"
Interpol "Turn on the Bright Lights"
Cave In "Antenna" & "Jupiter"
Counterfit "Super Amusment Machine for Your Exciting Heart" & "From Finish to Starting Line"
The Velvet Teen "The Fierce Parade" & "Plus Minus Equals"
The Get Up Kids "Something To Write Home About" & "Red Letter Day and Woodson"
Two Thirty Eight "Regulate the Chemicals" & "Matter Has A Breaking Point"
Give Up The Ghost "We’re Down ‘Till We’re Underground"
His Hero Is Gone "Monument of Thieves"
Isis "Oceanic"
Converge "Jane Doe"
U2 "Achtung Baby"
28 Days Later Soundtrack
Vanilla Sky Soundtrack
Radiohead "Hail The Thief"
Woven Hand "Woven Hand"
The Darkness "Permission To Land"
Him " Razorblade Romance"
Queens of The Stone Age "Songs for the Death"
Hot Rod Circuit "Sorry About Tomorrow"
Hot Cross "Cryonics"
The Lost Patrol "Songs About Running Away"

i know its a lot. im not expecting a lot of what i put down.
but i wanted people to see my list, just incase they wanted to get me something.

i dont want to sound like an asshole, but i dont want burned copies, cause i have all these cds burned. im trying to work on my collection!
yet, if you wanna make me mixes of anything, go for it, i love mixes!!!

so, if you do get me something, you'll be contributing to david's dvd/cd collection,
which will make you feel warm and happy inside, so you should do it.

oh and im working on a birthday party with bands playing sometime in early january.
xo david
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[12 10 03, 08:55p]
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[11 17 03, 02:36a]
ive come to the realization, that me being in a relastionship isnt gonna happen anytime soon.
over the past two years ive been single since being with danielle.
i thought it would change at times, but each time turned into one dissapointment after another.
now its about 2 years down the line, and i havent found a girl that im able to have a relastionship with.
i know im only 15 and im still young. but im almost 16, and im not your typical kid my age, if you know me.
tones of kids my age and a year or so younger, have relastionships and i feel so left out.
at the same time i dont want just anyone, i made the choices to not get into anything that didnt feel right.
i know in the long run, when i have a relastionship with an amazing girl, it will be worth the long wait.
just kinda wish i know how long this wait would be, so i would have something to look forward too.
yet, at the same time it gives me something to look forward to every day of my life.
i just wanna leave this post with one last thing.
if my future girlfriend reads this,
i want her(you) to know how much she(you) is(are) gonna bless my life.
xo david malone harthcock
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[10 02 03, 12:33a]
so i deleted a good some of people off my list.
reasons either being:
. your not a resident of canada
. your not a friend in real life
. i dont read your journal, plain and simple.
if you are deleted, but still wanna keep contact
im me: crashincircles
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[9 29 03, 01:19a]
[ mood | loco ]

hot male strippers smoking like last weeks bacon for breakfest will eat this world for what its worth 10 times what it was paid for and we will all see what really comes from within each soul of being... - me

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