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ive come to the realization, that me being in a relastionship isnt gonna happen anytime soon.
over the past two years ive been single since being with danielle.
i thought it would change at times, but each time turned into one dissapointment after another.
now its about 2 years down the line, and i havent found a girl that im able to have a relastionship with.
i know im only 15 and im still young. but im almost 16, and im not your typical kid my age, if you know me.
tones of kids my age and a year or so younger, have relastionships and i feel so left out.
at the same time i dont want just anyone, i made the choices to not get into anything that didnt feel right.
i know in the long run, when i have a relastionship with an amazing girl, it will be worth the long wait.
just kinda wish i know how long this wait would be, so i would have something to look forward too.
yet, at the same time it gives me something to look forward to every day of my life.
i just wanna leave this post with one last thing.
if my future girlfriend reads this,
i want her(you) to know how much she(you) is(are) gonna bless my life.
xo david malone harthcock
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